Meet Myra!



Meet five-year-old Myra. An ultrasound revealed that she was too small for a healthy baby. Myra’s birth was difficult. She was born with multiple fractures and her legs were severely bowed. Myra was eventually diagnosed with brittle bone disease. She has mobility challenges but tries her best to be independent. She can take a few steps using her walker. Myra uses a wheelchair for greater distances, but she can also transfer herself to and from the chair. She is determined to have a full life despite the challenges.


Myra has a variety of interests. She watches the hit children’s show Peppa Pig. She is a hopeless romantic who adores Disney movies with legendary kisses and beautiful princesses. A perfect day for Myra would be watching these movies and eating chicken nuggets smothered in ketchup. She listens to upbeat music by Jojo Siwa. Her favorite outings are visiting Legoland and Fun Spot theme parks.  Myra cannot do much at Fun Spot because of her small size, but she still enjoys the exciting atmosphere. She also has a collection of Barbie dolls and plays with them all day every day. Most of all, she loves watching her three brothers play basketball–her cheers can be heard among the supporting crowd. She is certainly not afraid of being with lots of people. She enjoys joking around and socializing it up with everybody. She can be a sassy little diva, too—this only adds to her charm. Myra is determined to have a great life. She may have a fragile body, but her spirit is unbreakable.


Myra needs a motorized wheelchair to provide her with more independence. She currently uses a manual chair, but this is too hard and risky for her to push while having brittle bone disease. Please be her sponsor!