Meet Nathalia!



Meet nine-year-old Nathalia. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She also suffered from failure to thrive at 3 months of age and weighed only 7 pounds. Each day has obstacles for the little girl. Nathalia is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. She uses a G-tube for nourishment. Nathalia also is confined to a wheelchair. Nathalia is a remarkable child who never lets these limitations get her down.

Nathalia is partially blind and many interests are difficult. She does, however, enjoy colorful Disney movies with catchy music. Her favorite song is “Let It Go” from the hit film Frozen. Nathalia especially loves hearing her mom sing. Most importantly, the sweet girl simply enjoys being with her family. They are the reason for her endless and radiant smile.

Nathalia needs a travel stroller to maintain doctor’s appointments and for family outings. Please be her sponsor!