Meet Nathaly!



Meet 12-year-old Nathaly. She was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Nathaly is nonverbal and unable to walk, but these trials do not affect her spirit.  


Nathaly has a variety of interests. She watches Elmo movies on YouTube Kids. She listens to Latin music and selects the great genre whenever taking a car ride.    During outings, she prefers going to MCDonalds and getting their hot and salty French fries—now that’s a happy meal! Nathaly’s other favorite outing is seeing the latest movie at local theaters. She also participates in equine therapy where the young girl rides horseback in the refreshing outdoors. Nathaly’s interests, however, are not as important as her character. She is a girl with a spectacular heart. She gives everybody hugs, but her embraces are extra gentle for little kids. She even has a good sense of humor and laughs about her own situation. Nathaly defines cool, but her life is heartwarming.


Nathaly needs a larger bathroom door to accommodate her wheelchair. The modification will make it safer for her to use bathroom facilities without being transferred long distances. Please be her sponsor!