Meet Noah!



Meet 10year-old Noah. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, caused from a pulmonary hemorrhage. He spent many of his first months in the hospital. He also suffered from an esophageal tear which kept him in the hospital for longer periods. Noah endures many limitations from these ordeals. He is nonverbal. He can only eat using a g-tube. Noah is also unable to walk or stand. The hindrances do not deter him from being happy.


Noah smiles and laughs at everything. He gets excited over the antics of Spongebob.  Noah chortles at all kinds of music. He likes toys with lights and sounds, too. He is especially mesmerized by bubbles that float gracefully in the air. Noah has a pet cat and dog, both of which he adores. All these things and more give Noah a laugh that spreads faster than his sweet smile.


Noah needs an activity chair for more comfortable and safe seating while spending time with his family. Please be his sponsor!