Noah’s Success Story



Meet 7-year-old Noah. He was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a rare neural genetic disorder. Noah has developmental delay, and he is nonverbal. He can only walk with a gait trainer. Most of the time this determined boy moves around on the floor. Noah remains joyful despite his illness.

Noah is a boy who loves everything. Noah watches kid’s television and listens to children’s music. He also eats anything on his plate. Noah likes the outdoors, especially swimming. For this boy with wide interests, it’s all good! He does have one favorite activity. Laughter. He finds humor everywhere, and it shows through his infectious giggle. Noah lives in a world of struggle, but he lights up our hearts with a smile.

Noah needs an adaptive travel wheelchair for easier and more comfortable transportation. Please be his sponsor!



Thanks to the Margaret Heins Foundation, Noah can safely go places with his family!  He’s one happy little guy!