Meet Noah!

Noah picMeet Noah, a 5 year-old boy who endures a heartbreaking list of challenges. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia and Cerebral Palsy. Noah suffers from involuntary Athetoid Movements, which causes his body to always be in motion. Noah is unable to walk or independently hold himself upright. He also cannot maneuver a wheelchair. Fun would seem to be unfamiliar for Noah, but he battles his way to happiness.

Noah likes the feel of fresh air as he takes lovely walks with family and friends. The sun reflects off his already sparkling eyes and bright smile! Another guaranteed method to make the little boy beam is by giving him a tasty treat, and Noah’s favorite is rich and creamy cheesecake. One bite of the dessert and Noah goes “Mmmm!” Noah also loves watching his beloved show, Something Special, with Mr. Tumble. This show airing in the U.K. is created for children with learning and verbal disabilities. Noah absolutely adores the delightful series. Reality, however, is sometimes more powerful. Noah’s courage is something special.

Noah needs a device called a Krabat Pilot Crawler, which will help him to start crawling. Hopefully he can be more independent while getting some important exercise. Please help Noah get the therapy he deserves!