Meet Olivia



Meet 13-year-old Olivia. She was diagnosed with Idiopathic progressive neuropathy, which affects the nervous system. She has mobility limitations due to her illness. She is able to walk with braces or her walker. This is even part of her exercise during physical education at school. The young lady remains positive even through her hardships.


Olivia has quite a few fun interests. She watches movies, but her favorite is Wreck It Ralph. She enjoys anime, especially My Hero Academia. Similar to others her age, Olivia is adept at talking on the phone to her friends!  Some of her best buddies, however, walk on four legs. Olivia adores her two dogs; they are rarely separated. Olivia does this and more while having a disability. Most of us remember an uncomplicated youth. It’s hard to imagine anything more. Olivia, however, is living proof that a disability does not stand in the way of the innocence of childhood, as long as the heart is strong.


Olivia needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. Please be her sponsor so she can remain healthy and happy!