Meet Rebeca!



Meet seven-year-old Rebeca. She and her twin brother were born in Brazil, but they were immediately placed for adoption.  Foster homes do not exist in Brazil. Instead, orphaned children live in shelters. A wonderful couple adopted Rebeca and her brother. The giving couple knew little about Rebeca, except that she had special needs. She was not officially diagnosed until after her adoption. Rebeca has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. The combination of illnesses makes the brave girl’s life challenging. She cannot walk or stand. She endured a trachea and having to haul an oxygen tank. This made traveling out of the house difficult. Thankfully, Rebeca no longer is required to use the trachea.  The young girl has remained positive and cheerful throughout these trials.


Rebeca has a rich life with loving parents who work to give her a great childhood. They read her exciting fairytales and stories that enrich her imagination. Her mom and dad encourage her interest in ballet; she is especially mesmerized by the beautiful costumes. Rebeca enjoys going with her family to Disney World. Rebeca says she is a princess just like the ones in the films, and she gets excited to see the beautifully gowned characters at Magic Kingdom. She also cannot wait to return to school and see her friends once the coronavirus is no longer a concern. Rebeca is intelligent and speaks three languages, and this is useful because she has a lot to say to her family! Most of all, Rebeca loves her family. She feels their emotions and can laugh or cry with her siblings. She will do anything to make them laugh, too. She is also known to be bossy and likes giving her brothers orders when they need it. Nothing broadens her smile, however, like hugs, cuddles, and kisses. 


Rebeca needs a manual wheelchair to keep her mobile and independent. Her current chair is too small and painful. Please be her sponsor