Meet Rebecca!


Rebecca H Pic

Rebecca is a 13-year-old teen who has Rett Syndrome. While most other girls her age are enjoying their adolescence, this teen is in a constant war with a neural-developmental disorder.  Rebecca is entirely dependent on other people for simple activities that we generally take for granted.  Rebecca is non-verbal and is unable to support herself in a sitting position. She also has a feeding tube.  Furthermore, Rebecca has a tracheostomy tube and at times uses an oxygen machine. A day in Rebecca’s world is unimaginable, but she finds ways to smile.

Rebecca really enjoys looking at pictures of other girls who also suffer from Rett Syndrome. This helps her connect in a unique way. Rebecca also likes listening to family and teachers reading fun stories.  Most of all, she adores a big green ogre named Shrek. The goofy character really makes her laugh. She even has a picture autographed by Shrek from DreamWorks’ Broadway production! The picture, however, is not as precious as the little girl who holds it in her delicate hands.  

Rebecca urgently needs a wheelchair ramp for her house.  Currently, caregivers lift her out of her wheelchair and carry her down several steps. This is very precarious and unsafe for both Rebecca and her caregivers. Thank you to Team Farrell of Farrell Roofing for making it possible for Rebecca and her family to have a wheelchair ramp and accessibility!