Meet Stevie!



Meet 17-year-old Stevie. She suffered from a spinal cord injury during a car accident. The tragedy changed her life forever. Stevie spent six months in the hospital to recover, including to regain her breathing capability. She is still in therapy to improve her speaking, cognitive, and motor skills. Stevie regained most of her abilities, but she still needs assistance with some tasks. She also found her smile.   


Stevie enjoys many things like other girls her age. She can spend all day at the mall looking at the trendiest clothes—preferably in her favorite colors, pink and white. She listens to rap music by a wide variety of performers. She adores her pet bulldog, who never leaves her side. The young girl is even creative; she cannot wait to make imaginative projects in art class. Stevie does this and more, but she accomplishes one other thing with perfection. Stevie fought through her tragedy and emerged, not a victim, but a conqueror. She also won our hearts.


Stevie needs a manual wheelchair to give her more independence. After all, teenagers need their freedom. Please help Stevie by being her sponsor.