Meet Timothy!


tim cano

Meet 19 year-old Timothy. This young man has Cerebral Palsy and faces many challenges, such as reoccuring seizures, and difficulty walking.  He also has cognitive delays and is non-verbal. Timothy overcomes this debilitating illness with the strong support of his family.

 Timothy and his family like to share quality time together going to the beach. The ocean breeze and seagull sounds provide the family with serenity. Timothy is a hero because of his brave determination to never quit trying.  Timothy’s parents are also heroes because of their faithful and unyielding dedication to their son. Timothy loves McDonalds and his favorite food under the golden arches is a refreshing vanilla milkshake. Timothy also loves listening to jazz music and watching Barney on TV.

Timothy needs an adaptive push chair. His heavy power chair is very difficult to load in and out of the family truck. A lightweight adaptive chair would be easier and safer to maneuver for trips to the doctor and to therapy. This family really needs your help!