Meet Tyler



Tyler is a 16-year-old young man who suffers from traumatic brain injury he sustained soon after his 14th birthday.  He and his brother were out for a jog, when Tyler turned around and jogged backward while talking with his brother.  Tyler then tripped backward, hitting his head on the asphalt, sustaining an injury that would change his and his family members” lives forever.  

Tyler has experienced some setbacks as a result of his injury, but father reports that he is still able to play the French horn in the school band.  Tyler can only walk with a walker with maximum assistance for very short distances.  He also suffers from aphasia as a result of his tragic accident. 

Parents say that Tyler has never spent one moment asking, “Why me?”  Tyler brings joy to those around him, and he is a fighter and a survivor.  One of the only forms of exercise that Tyler is able to gain real benefit from is pool therapy.  The house where he lives has a pool, but there is no way to get this 6’3″ kid in and out of the pool.  He desperately needs a pool lift.  Please be his sponsor!