Meet Yehudis!



Meet eight-year-old Yehudis. She seemed to be born a healthy girl. Sadly, she had seizures 10 months after her birth. Yehudis was eventually diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy known as West Gestaut Syndrome. She has numerous trials to overcome. She is nonverbal. She has seizures without any warning. Yehudis can do anything similar to most other kids, but she needs supervision. She has poor balance and the random seizures make falling a constant concern. She also wears a helmet to protect her head in case of a fall. Yehudis, however, is not slowed down by her disability.


Yehudis has a great childhood. She listens to soft music, but she enjoys high-energy songs if she has a dance partner. She likes books that are tactile and interactive. Her favorite thing in the whole world, however, is going to the playground and riding on swings or slides. Nothing makes her smile like these fun activities! Yehudis is also loveable and affectionate. She is so breathtakingly beautiful and sweet that picking her up is a definite must. The difficult part is putting her down and letting her go. In fact, we never really let her go. This brave little girl is always in our hearts.


Yehudis needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and especially balance. These enhancements will hopefully aid her ability to walk. She will also have a great time riding the trike with her friends. Please be her sponsor!