Meet Yolanda!

Y. Hernandez-photoMeet 15 year-old Yolanda, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is not able to support herself in a sitting position. The young lady also has trouble maneuvering a wheelchair. She rarely has any problems, however, finding her smile.

Yolanda is very outgoing and has fun in various activities. She has wonderful friends and they love spending time together. Yolanda also likes the outdoors and visiting the local park. The fresh air bolsters her spirit as the sunshine reflects in her sparkling eyes. During quiet days at home Yolanda will watch her most beloved movie, Finding Nemo, which is about a handicapped fish who is determined to be strong. Yolanda, likewise, has a strength which surpasses any challenge. She is the inspiration found only in real-life.

Yolanda needs a tilt and space wheelchair. The family does not have insurance and they have no other means to purchase this equipment. Furthermore, the 15 year-old cannot get to school without the new wheelchair. Please help Yolanda today!