Meet Hannah!


Hannah pic 1



Meet 9 year-old Hannah. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which has caused several obstacles. She is not able to verbally communicate. She also is unable to walk without assistance. Despite the challenges she faces, Hannah has an inner strength that does not limit her ability to make the best out of life.

Hannah is a happy girl who does many fun things throughout the day. She enjoys listening to dance music. Turn on a hip-popping song and Hannah will break out some moves despite her challenges. She also loves being in a pool and splashing water like a playful dolphin. She loves being tickled by her grandmother as well. To make Hannah really smile, give her a piece of chocolate. She cannot resist her favorite sweet treat. No chocolate in the world, however, can compete with the sweetness of Hannah!

Hannah’s current wheelchair is on its last leg. She needs a new wheelchair as soon as possible. It will help improve her independence around the house and will make life so much better for her. Please be a sponsor for this lovely girl by donating now!