Meet George!


16-year-old George is a real ladies man!  He loves meeting new people and can really charm the girls with his warm smile and great sense of humor.  His favorite actress is Jennifer Lopez and his favorite singer is Selena.  George enjoys watching Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees take on the competition.  He also collects men’s cologne.   Like we said, he knows how to impress the ladies!


George was born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly.  He attends special ed classes and works hard at physical therapy.  He has a new power chair that he is able to operate with a joystick.  However, he can’t bring it to school as the family does not have an accessible van.  He is unable to propel a manual chair on his own so must rely on others at school. Wheelchairs 4 Kids hopes to solve that problem by providing a modification to the family van.