Meet John!

John is a handsome 17-year old who loves life!  He enjoys meeting new people,  going to movies with his friends and cheering for the Florida Gators.  His favorite color is orange, of course!  He likes all types of music; everything from country to rap, but his all-time favorite band is Rascal Flatts.  John will be graduating from high school this year and attended last year’s prom with his beautiful girlfriend, Missy.

John was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy when he was in first grade.  It is a progressive disease that has slowly robbed John of his independence.  John has gone from using a walker to a manual wheelchair and as he lost the use of his arms, a power chair.

John’s parents currently have a van with a wheelchair lift that is broken. It is bent and unsafe.  Our goal is to provide John with a new lift or ramp that will allow him to travel safely and go to the next blockbuster movie with his friends!