Meet Mia!


Meet 12-year-old Mia. She was diagnosed with a very difficult condition known as Miller Dieker Syndrome, which causes a variety of challenges. These include hypotonia and muscle spasticity. Mia cannot walk and uses a skateboard to move around. She has other trials but remains a positive girl.


Mia enjoys numerous interests. She hums along with Spanish music. She is a fan of the Barbie cartoon. She loves playing house with her collection of beautiful baby dolls. Mia attends school and especially enjoys the bus rides. She says goodbye to the bus by blowing kisses. Her favorite school activity is painting and coloring. Mia, most importantly, is full of sunshine. Mia is never angry about her trials. Instead, she smiles endlessly and spreads joy everywhere. To brighten a sad day, simply meet Mia. She can flip a frown upside down!


Mia needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength and endurance. She will also have a wonderful time riding the trike. Please be her sponsor!