Meet Milagros!



Meet nine-year-old Milagros. She was diagnosed with spina bifida. Sadly, she is dependent on her family for everyday activities. She is also nonverbal. Milagros is cheerful despite her difficult illness.


Milagros’s interests are limited but important for a fun childhood. She listens to every type of music and moves with the songs. She likes going out and being active, especially doing exercises with her physical therapists. She is determined to stay healthy. She does her best at everything. If Milagros has a dreadful day, she still has a positive smile. This little girl is aptly named. Milagros means miracle. Meet Milagros and her beautiful smile, and this miracle of joy will change your life forever.


Milagros needs a ramp to make her home accessible and safe. Please be her sponsor!   



Milagros received her brand new ramp for her home in time to be discharged from the hospital to make it home for Christmas.  This was such a great accomplishment! Thank you so much to the Broadrick Family Foundation for your generosity to get this ramp accomplished.