Meet Nathan!


Nathan Robertson

Nathan  is a spunky, playful 4 year old boy who is always smiling despite a lack of flexibility and muscle strength in his body. He wears braces and is unable to walk.   Nathan also cannot sit upright without assistance.  His  disability does not impair  his capability to be a  boy who plays with Matchbox cars and trucks. In addition, Nathan’s  confinement to a wheelchair does not stop his love for hip hop and dance music.

Like other children Nathan’s age, he  enjoys laughing at the antics of   Spongebob Squarepants and Diego.  When lunchtime is evident by a rumbling tummy, Nathan’s cuisine of choice is McDonalds. For the hungry boy, the Happy Meal is aptly named. He also is inquisitive. Nathan  attends school three days a week and enjoys learning about different colors; green and blue are his favorites. Furthermore, he might be a potential engineer while  showing an aptitude for stacking various objects! Nathan has a twin sister named Jenna. She is not disabled but the two siblings are the best of friends and playmates. Nathan is very outgoing and this is illustrated through his unbreakable spirit and drive to be all boy.

Nathan is in need of a therapeutic tricycle in order to strengthen his stiff legs and work on reciprocal movement.  Will you help?