Meet Paola!



Meet 20-year-old Paola. She was seemingly born a healthy little girl. Sadly, a series of tragedies ensued. she suffered from pulmonary arrest shortly after her birth.  This deprived her of oxygen and caused permanent brain damage. She has been in the hospital countless number of times. Paola was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She also has to endure muscle weakness on her right side. Paola is now cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal, although she can nod her head  to communicate. Paola cannot walk, but she can take a few steps when somebody assists with her transfers. This brave girl has endured much and still remains joyful.


Paola is easy going and enjoys a few activities throughout the day. She happily listens to any type of music, but her favorite genre is Christian. She watches anything on television. Paola, however, does have a favorite movie, Finding Nemo. She could watch forever this Disney hit film. Paola also has three toys that she is always holding. They make her smile and she drops them only to take a bath or to change clothes. The young girl has gone through much over the years, and she has learned to adjust. She used to get frustrated easily. Now Paola has matured, and she patiently overcomes her challenges with grace. She smiles and laughs at nearly everything. She is kind and sweet, too. Meet Paola. She teaches us by example how to adapt to obstacles. She is our inspiration.


Paola needs a medical stroller to provide proper support and comfort while also making transportation easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!