Meet Parker!



Meet one-year-old Parker. He was diagnosed with spina bifida at 23 weeks gestation and endured open fetal surgery.  He also has the difficult illness hydrocephalus. Parker, as a result of his illnesses, cannot bear weight on his legs without special equipment. He is content with life despite his diagnoses.


Parker likes doing several activities. He watches Mickey Mouse Club House and Tele Tubbies. He listens to kids’ music during therapy and claps and dances to the songs. His other favorite exercises during therapy are swinging, climbing, and playing with balls. Parker adores his two pets. He loves climbing on his dog Sasha. He cuddles and sleeps with his cozy kitty, Cosmo. Parker has an outstanding personality, too. He is known to be silly and makes everybody laugh with his antics. He is adventurous and not afraid to try new things. The most important aspect of Parker is his courage. He has been through many difficult times from a small womb to a wide world, but the place in between gets him through it all. Home.


Parker needs a gait trainer that will improve his leg strength and ability to walk. Please be his sponsor!