Meet Pedro!



Meet eight-year-old Pedro. Last year, his teachers observed that he began walking on his toes and was falling frequently. The issue was serious when he fell and bloodied his nose. His parents  brought him to a doctor where he underwent testing. Pedro was eventually diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The illness is degenerative and affects Pedro’s mobility.  He currently has low stamina and uses a wheelchair for school. He remains positive despite the difficult condition.


Pedro enjoys an array of pastimes. He watches any show that includes cars, dinosaurs, or Legos. He can spend hours playing with Legos, too. His favorite movies have the city-destroying Godzilla. He attends school and his best subjects are computers and art. Pedro especially likes painting. He is a highly creative and intelligent boy. Pedro is best known for his determination, though. This boy sets a goal and works hard to achieve it. In Spain, the name Pedro means rock, and this boy certainly fits the definition. He has a strong heart that not even his illness can withstand. And Pedro succeeds without standing at all.


Pedro needs an adaptive tricycle to help with his leg strength, stamina, and balance. He will have a fun time riding the trike, too. Please be his sponsor!