Meet Peter!



Meet four-year-old Peter. He suffered, without any apparent cause,  from a traumatic brain injury before birth. He was diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. He has muscle weakness in his torso and legs. He needs support to sit upright. He is also legally blind. Peter has more limitations, but he is still a joyful and inspiring boy.


Peter enjoys several activities. He watches shows starring the iconic Mickey Mouse. Peter likes listening to guitar music—he even plays the ukulele. He enjoys outings to the beach and sticking his toes and fingers in the soft sand. Peter has other interests, but he is best known as a beautiful boy. He works hard during therapy to improve his health and capabilities. Peter is charismatic in the right conditions. His blindness makes him sensitive to loud sounds. As a result, he likes quiet places and lights up when somebody approaches his face. Meet Peter. Get close to his face and he will get close to your heart.


Peter needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength and overall health. He can have fun riding the trike outdoors, too. Please be his sponsor!