Meet Riley!



Meet eight-year-old Riley. She has several diagnoses, including seizure disorder and a genetic mutation known as DNM1. Riley is nonverbal and cognitively challenged. She has more trials, but these do not prevent her from being cheerful.

Riley enjoys several pastimes. She likes the shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Alice’s Wonderland Bakery. Riley’s favorite outings are visiting the fantastical Disney theme parks. She becomes super happy whenever hearing Taylor Swift music. Riley also feels great swimming and playing in water. Most of all, this little girl is a sweetheart. She is a determined child who finds ways to communicate with people. She is beautiful inside and out and loves giving hugs and kisses. If anyone wants to experience a little bit of Heaven, then meet Riley. She is an angel.

Riley needs an adaptive car seat to improve her comfort and safety during transportation. 

We would like to thank the Broadrick foundation for being Riley’s sponsor!