Meet five-year-old Riley. This little girl endured a lot from her very beginning. She endured a series of violent seizures shortly after her c-section birth. She spent a week in intensive care. Riley was eventually diagnosed with a recently discovered genetic mutation known as DNM1. The illness causes multiple obstacles for Riley. She is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to a toddler. Her underdeveloped motor skills make certain tasks nearly impossible,  such as eating with utensils. She is also working on her walking ability, although this is greatly limited. Riley, despite her catastrophic condition, remains a happy girl. 

Riley enjoys numerous fun activities. She is a huge Disney fan. Her favorite movie and tv shows are Moana and anything with Mickey Mouse, respectively. She likes listening to the educational-classic song, ABC. She laughs when playing with her remote-control toy car. Riley also has a special best friend, a Boston terrier named Scarlett. She is a year old and has bonded with Riley. Scarlett never leaves the young girl’s side like a faithful guardian. Riley has a strong personality, too. She likes getting sassy, but this is adorable with her innocent-doll face. In short, Riley has certainly not been weakened by an illness that could bring down most adults. This child is aptly named. In Gaelic, Riley means valiant. Meet Riley and discover the meaning of courage.

 Riley needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. She loves using a trike at therapy. Having the equipment at home will improve her quality of life, providing fun and exercise at the same time. Please be her sponsor!