Meet Riley!



Meet four—year-old Riley. She was diagnosed with a form of spinal muscular atrophy, and the condition has caused her life to be challenging. She recently had surgery to insert a rod in her spine. Riley is nonverbal, although she communicates by pointing and making facial expressions. She also necessarily uses a gait trainer for mobility. The illness does not slow down this girl from being happy and determined.


Riley works hard to be joyful and independent. She watches Peppa Pig, but her other favorite shows are anything with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She is a fan of the new hit movie, Trolls World Tour. Riley enjoys listening to the smooth vocals of Ed Sheeran. She even dances to his music by shaking her hands and kicking her legs. Riley also reveals her intelligent side, exemplified by a knack of doing puzzles. Figuring out this fun hobby shows another of her important qualities, determination. She prefers doing tasks on her own, and her family shows support by cheering and saying, “You can do it!” Riley never disappoints. She accomplishes everything in her path and does it with an unending smile and eyes focused on her goals. Meet Riley. She defines valiant.  She is our inspiration.


Riley needs a stander to help improve her overall leg strength and ability to walk.  Please be her sponsor!