Meet Rowan!



Meet three-year-old Rowan. He was diagnosed with an extreme form of spina bifida in which the spine and nerves are formed outside of the body. He had surgery shortly after his birth and was in intensive care for a month. Rowan, as a result of his illness, is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. He is currently learning how to bear weight on his legs. Rowan, hopefully, will be able to take his first steps. This brave child is happy despite his severe illness.


Rowan enjoys several fun activities. He has a huge smile whenever watching Peppa Pig. He likes bonding with his mom by watching Moana—he especially is captivated by the film’s soundtrack. Rowan, in fact, is engaged by every type of music. He does not have a favorite because every song simply makes him happy. Rowan also enjoys collecting and playing with balls. He recently received a basketball set and the young boy is practicing hoop shots like a pro! He has a special friend that would like to chase his collection, a loyal German Shepard. She is the young boy’s protector. The dog is very gentle, too. He pulls on her tail and she walks away without even a bark. In this way, the boy and his dog are similar. Rowan meets every obstacle and challenge with grace. He never cries and is rarely without a smile. He frequently makes people laugh by his antics. Clearly, Rowan is courage defined and inspiration exemplified.


Rowan needs a reverse walker to help him practice weight bearing and taking steps. He hopes this is the first step towards independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!