Meet Sarai!



Meet seven-year-old Sarai. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome and endures frightening seizures. She also has several heart conditions. Sarai tries to play similar to other girls her age, but she has limitations. She cannot ride bicycles. She also has limited upper body strength. Sarai, despite her challenges, remains determined to have fun.


Sarai has several interests. She watches the YouTube show, A For Adley. Her favorite movie is Frozen, but she likes all things Disney, including music and theme parks. She enjoys looking at her favorite book, The Little Bible. Sarai’s hobbies are coloring, painting, and sculpting with Playdoh. Sarai, most importantly, is a sweet girl. She has a silly side that makes everybody laugh. Sarai is affectionate. If Sarai sees that somebody looks unhappy, then she will ask “You ouchy?” and go cuddle you. Sarai’s effect on her family is clear. Her sister said about Sarai, “I just love her so much.” Meet Sarai and you will love her, too.


Sarai needs an adaptive tricycle to get more exercise while being able to play outside. Please be her sponsor!