Wheelchairs 4 Kids gives Savannah a new chair!


Savannah & Parents New Chair

In December of 2012, at the age of 2, Savannah was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.  As a result, she cannot walk, has a feeding tube, can no longer enjoy swimming and has much difficulty communicating.  Currently, Savannah lives at home with her caring parents and loving older brother.

Now, at the age of 3, or better 36 months, Savannah is living her life to the fullest by celebrating her birthday every month rather than just once a year.  Some of her monthly celebrations include fun activities like painting and adorable cupcakes in the shape of a sea turtle.  Although Savannah’s disease makes communicating difficult, her family is able to read her favorite stories such as “Curious George,” and bring her joy through singing songs.  Despite her disease, it is clear that Savannah’s happy spirit and feisty personality still shine through!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids recently delivered a new customized Axiom Endeavor 2 Push Chair to Savannah at her home.  Previously, Savannah had been using a chair that was too small and did not provide the cushioning her body needed, but with the help of the Tampa Bay Community Foundation Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to improve Savannah’s quality of life.  Now, Savannah can comfortably sit throughout the day, her family can easily move her around and the cushioning of the chair provides  her body and joints much relief.  Check out the pictures of  Savannah in her new chair and her story in the Tampa Bay Times!

Savannah & Parents New Chair 2