Meet Sebastian!



Meet 11-year-old Sebastian. Sadly, he received brain damage after oxygen loss during his birth. He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy, resulting in several limitations. His cognitive development is equal to a toddler. Sebastian is also nonverbal. He cannot walk without his gait trainer. These challenges cause Sebastian stress, but he is determined to be happy.


Sebastian has interests which help to distract from his daily struggles. He watches classic Disney films, including Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. He most likely enjoys these movies for their great music. Sebastian and his family love all kinds of music, but the young boy especially likes Shakira and any songs that are upbeat. He feels wonderful floating in water, too; the weightlessness really gives him a sense of freedom. Sebastian is also home schooled. A teacher comes and visits, and Sebastian’s favorite part is story time. Most of all, Sebastian adores playing with his brother and sister. Their laughter can be heard a mile away. Sebastian even has a famously vibrant smile that can illuminate anybody’s darkest day.


Sebastian needs a bathroom modification to make a roll-in shower. Currently, bath time is very difficult. A roll-in shower will make bathing easier and safer for Sebastian and his family. Please be his sponsor!