Meet 14-year-old Sophia. She was born premature and spent two weeks in intensive care. She was diagnosed, after two years of testing, with cerebral palsy. The illness creates many challenges for the young girl. She has severe muscle spasticity and uses a lightweight wheelchair for mobility. Sophia has other motor limitations, but none of these hinder her ability to move forward with a smile.

 Sophia could be described as a true renaissance girl. She watches a variety of videos on YouTube. She likes movies and her favorite is Finding Nemo. Sophia listens to songs by Meghan Trainer, but she cannot wait for the holidays for magical Christmas music. She reads books from the Magic Tree House series. She is a hard-working student at school, and her preferred classes are Science and Drama. Sophia also loves being artistic and has created many paintings worthy of being displayed.  Sophia’s creativity always astounds her family, too. Her personality, however, is the most beautiful part of this young girl. She is described as a little bit sassy, a whole lot of funny, and all sweet. Sophia is the greatest example of her own artwork. She is God’s masterpiece made to inspire our world.

Sophia needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg spasticity, strength, and stamina. She will also have a great time riding the trike. Please be her sponsor!