Meet Sophy!



Meet 18-year-old Sophy. This young lady was born with abnormalities below the waist that required her legs to be amputated above the knees. She has prosthetic legs but prefers her wheelchair that provides more independence. Sophy, despite her limitation, does not live like she is limited.


Sophy has a variety of interests and goals. She watches popular shows on Netflix and Disney Plus, and two of her favorites are the Queen of Flow and Once Upon a Time. She listens to music from Christian and reggaeton genres. Sophy does not merely listen to music, but she has been singing all of her life, too. Sophy is an accomplished vocalist for her local church—she is known to sing like an angel. She also enjoys sports. Her favorite teams are the New York Mets and Southeastern University’s volleyball team. The driven girl attends this college and is studying veterinarian biology. Sophy clearly has one more rare abnormality. She is perfect in every way.


Sophy needs a concrete ramp to provide access into her backyard. This will give her an opportunity to enjoy the outside while also permitting her to leave and enter the house. Please be her sponsor!