Meet Valentina!



Meet four-year-old Valentina. Sadly, she suffered from severe brain damage after oxygen loss and poor blood flow.  The tragedy created numerous trials for this sweet child. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal.   Valentina also cannot walk unless she uses her gait trainer. She remains a happy girl despite these tribulations.


Valentina is able to enjoy a few pastimes. She watches shows like coco Melon or YouTube videos  with kids playing and having fun. Her favorite movies are Frozen and Moana, but any film with music makes her smile. Valentina’s favorite books are from the Find It series. She also spends time with her sister playing on swings or making beautiful paintings worthy of pinning on a fridge. Most of all, Valentina has a great combination of personality traits. Valentina  is attentive and can focus entirely on nearby people. She reveals a spontaneous side by suddenly dancing to music. Valentina  is a bit wild when she is unhappy, but everybody gets a bit cranky once in a while! She even has wild hair. Valentina is a little bit of everything in a small package. She is, however, a lot of bravery in a perfect little girl.


Valentina needs a medical stroller to provide proper support and comfort while making transportation easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!  

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Valentina receives a medical stroller, mom has been super excited about how easy it is to go out and explore the world! They have been to the park, the mall and the store in a breeze. 


We love hearing how we have been able to change the lives of our special children. Keep going places Valentine, the world is your oyster.