Meet Victor!


Meet 10-year-old Victor. He was diagnosed with Louis-Bar syndrome, a neurodegenerative disorder. Victor was once able to walk. Sadly, he can no longer stand. The brave boy has many other trials, but he stays strong and positive.


Victor enjoys a few pastimes. He watches shows and movies about cars. He likes listening to his mom read or sing nursery rhymes. He listens to current pop music with his sister. Victor also enjoys spending time outdoors. Victor, most of all, is a sweet kid. He is always happy and spreads his joy by making other people laugh. He is well behaved, even during scary blood work. Victor could cry in defeat with his mountainous struggles. Instead, he climbs the mountain of obstacles and smiles in victory.


Victor needs a therapy tricycle to promote better health in his legs and overall body. He will also have fun riding the trike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!