Meet Victoria!


Victoria is feisty and a fighter who has defied the odds her entire life.  She was born with a defective heart and had her first open heart surgery when she was just 3 days old.  She had 2 more before she reached her 1st birthday.  After the third operation, she spiked a fever, went into kidney failure and cardiac arrest.  The resulting brain damage has left Victoria unable to walk or propel a wheelchair.  She is alert and very smart, but can only speak a few words.

But don’t get the wrong impression!  Victoria is a happy little girl who loves to laugh and dance in her chair when her sister plays pop music.  She loves horses and going fishing with her dad.  She enjoys riding an adaptive bike and is a huge Gators fan.  Her favorite restaurant is Burger King – that is something that she can say – every time they pass one!  Victoria is able to communicate via a touch screen computer.

Victoria has outgrown her car seat and desperately needs a new one.  The one she has now is falling apart and her family is trying to repair it with duct tape.   She recently cut herself on an exposed screw.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is working hard to get an adaptive car seat that is not only safe, but comfortable.    Will your organization help?