Meet Wayne!!

Wayne is a charming 10-year-old boy who recently moved in with his grandparents who are now legal guardians to him and his 11-year-old sister.  His mom is deceased.  The home is not equipped to meet his needs.  There are 5 steps to enter the house and his grandparents have to carry him up the steps and then try to carry his heavy chair up or leave it outside.  They desperately need a ramp or porch lift to safely get him and his chair into the home.

Wayne has CP and dysphagia.  He is also prone to seizures.  He is unable to walk, talk.  He cannot eat orally and relies solely on a G-tube for nutrition.

Despite all of Wayne’s medical issues and everything he has been through, he remains true to his loving spirit.  He never fusses and has a wide smile for everyone he meets.  His grandmother thinks he is just “charming”!  He loves to watch Dora the Explorer and The Wiggles.  He loves being in the water and playing with his stacking toys.  He also likes being with his big sister, LeAnn who wanted us to make sure that we knew that she LOVES Justin Bieber!  Please help us make life a little easier for this family now.  They can’t wait.

Entrance to the home