Meet Klester!



Meet nine-year-old Klester. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spina bifida. He’s unable to sit or stand and has many other limitations. Klester, however, remains a happy boy.


Klester has various interests. He watches cartoons with Mickey Mouse. His other favorite character is Lightning McQueen from the Cars films. Klester listens to inspiring and upbeat Christian music—he even tries singing to his favorite songs. Klester is a soccer fan who is a faithful supporter of the Real Madrid team. His hobbies are painting and coloring, too. Most importantly, Klester is a loving boy. He always gives his mom kisses. He is grateful for everything in his life. Meet Klester. He teaches us to never take anything for granted, but we do take this sweet boy in our hearts.


Klester needs a wheelchair to improve his sitting support and overall independence. His current chair is too small and is breaking down. Please be his sponsor!