Meet Lana!



Meet nine-year-old Lana. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She struggles to walk short distances with a cane but needs more assistance for longer periods of time. Lana also requires help transferring to and from her wheelchair. Lana is a determined and joyful girl despite her illness.


Lana enjoys several pastimes. She watches Doc McStuffins and a YouTube series titled Come Play with Me where children play with Barbie dolls. She likes listening to the Doc McStuffins books, too.  Her favorite outing is visiting Bush Gardens and going on rides with her dad. Lana also has fun swimming and swinging. More importantly, Lana is a strong-willed girl who focuses on her goals until they are achieved. She is outgoing and friendly to everybody. Lana is a people magnet because she never loses her beautiful smile. She is aptly named. Lana defines, in many cultures and in our hearts, shining, light, and precious.


Lana needed a new wheelchair to provide proper support and comfort while giving her greater independence for short and long distances. Her previous chair no longer fit and insurance refused to help. Thanks to a sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Sterling, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help Lana obtain the Wheelchair she desperately needed!