Meet Lola!



Meet nine-year-old Lola. She was diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including hypotonia. She has balance issues and can only walk with assistance. She is prone to have injuries and has been in two comas. Lola was bedridden for almost all of last year. Lola is happy despite her difficult tribulations.

Lola has a fun range of pastimes. Her favorite movie is an anime titled My Neighbor Totoro. She enjoys reading Grimm Fairy Tales. She also spends time outdoors bouncing on her trampoline, riding a bike, or practicing her balance on a balance board. Lola has other interests, but a sweet personality defines her in the best way. She loves being cuddled and tickled. Lola has had many setbacks in her young life, but she pushes through with the heart of a determined champion. She is our inspiration!

Lola received a Rifton therapy tricycle thanks to the generosity from the Community Foundation of Brevard. The trike will help Lola’s coordination and improve her ability to walk. We are grateful to everybody for making Lola’s dream possible!