Meet Malachi!



Meet Malachi, a 10-year-old boy from Ethiopia. He was diagnosed with spina bifida and placed for adoption. Unfortunately, the orphanage in his country did not provide him with physical  therapy to improve his condition.  He spent the entire day crawling on the floor. A loving family from the United States adopted Malachi when he was five. He now has proper therapy and can walk short distances with a cane. He uses a wheelchair for longer distances. He lives  life to the fullest despite his challenges.


Malachi is a great kid with fun interests. He watches tv and movies; his favorites are Pokemon and Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, respectively. He listens to music by Imagine Dragons. He is a fan of Liverpool soccer and Tampa Lightning hockey. Malachi also likes building Legos with his brother. Malachi does more than just play. He is a driven student in a mainstream school. His favorite subject is math. He is even an Honor Roll student. Most important, Malachi has a good heart. He is empathetic and feels another person’s pain or sadness. He is resilient enough to put aside his own problems and be thoughtful towards his friends and family. This child can carry the weight of troubled worlds on his shoulders and smile as if it was insignificant. He has a vibrancy for life that is hard to find when people are carefree. In some countries the name Malachi means messenger. Meet Malachi. His message is clear. Live with bravery, and you will have a life uncommon.


Malachi needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, balance, and endurance. This will help him to walk. He will also have a great time riding on the trike. Please be his sponsor!