Meet Mallory!



Meet one-year-old Mallory. This amazing girl is a miracle. She had severe swelling on her brain while still in utero. She was not expected to survive because her condition usually never improves. Before a tough decision was to be made, the swelling decreased, and Mallory was born. She spent many days in intensive care and was diagnosed with numerous conditions, including microcephaly. Mallory has limited mobility and requires help with everyday skills. She is a tough and happy girl despite her trials.


Mallory has several interests. She likes watching the Disney film Moana. She listens to simple children’s songs on YouTube. She enjoys story time, and her favorite book is “Little Blue Truck.” She also likes taking strolls in the park. Mallory, most importantly, is a strong girl. She has survived every challenge and emerges on the other side with a big, beautiful smile. She teaches us all to be brave.


Mallory needed a specialized stander to improve her mobility and also to promote more exercise. Thanks to a generous donor, Natasha, Mallory was able to obtain a specialized Stander from the Wheelchairs 4 Kids Equipment Closet!