Meet Mark!



Meet 14-year-old Mark. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is unable to walk. He needs help with many other tasks. Mark remains super cool despite this difficult illness.


Mark has fun in several ways. He enjoys cruising in his power chair around the neighborhood and visiting neighbors and their dogs. Mark likes dining out, and his favorite restaurant is Raising Canes. Mark’s passion, however, is music, and he has a well-rounded interest in all genres. He plays the trumpet in band class. He also enjoys being a DJ and hopes to do this professionally. Mark, more importantly, has a strong personality. He is confident in himself. Mark likes to learn from other people by engaging in deep conversations. Mark will even tell people if he disagrees with something, and often, he is right! Mark has a discerning taste in friends, and he surrounds himself with good people. Clearly, he is inspiring and leaves his Mark on all of our hearts.


Mark needs a portable Hoyer lift for easier and safer transferring in and out of his wheelchair. Please be his sponsor!