Meet Marli!


Meet eight-year-old Marli. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has numerous obstacles. She has limited mobility and requires help with everyday tasks. Marli is cheerful despite these trials.


Marli has several pastimes for a fun childhood. Her favorite show is Karma’s World. She listens to RNB and pop music, but her favorite artist is Bob Marley. She is a fan of rugby sports, too. Marli’s hobbies also include painting and coloring or taking strolls in the park. Marli is best known for her personality. Marli is a patient girl, but she will make it known if her patience comes to an end! She is very quirky and full of fun antics. Most of all Marli is a sweetie and she loves everybody. Meet Marli. She is the little artist who creates a better world for all of us.


Marli received a tomato seat to provide proper comfort and support while spending quality time with her family. Special thanks to the Baycare Medical Group for sponsoring her chair!