Meet Maryn!



Meet 18-year-old Maryn. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Agenesis of Corpus callosum. She is unable to walk or stand. She is also partly nonverbal and legally blind. Maryn, despite these and other limitations, has a positive attitude and a fun spirit.


Maryn has an array of cool interests. She is a fan of Disney movies and shows. She listens to music by the group For King and Country. Maryn’s favorite outings are visiting zoos and taking cruises. She enjoys going on walks and bird watching. She also excels at reading in school. Maryn, however, loves visiting her sweet grandparents. She is loving to her family and kind to anyone who crosses her path. She has a magical way of smiling and lighting up a person’s day. Meet Maryn and find a little bit of Heaven in this angel.


Maryn received a lightweight power wheelchair called the Fold & Go which will help provide her with independence and easier transportation. Special thanks to the Glitter Queens for their support in sponsoring her new chair!