Meet Mateo!

Meet five-year-old Mateo. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He required open heart surgery and many other procedures. He has left-sided weakness and uses a wheelchair for independent mobility. He has more challenges but continues to be a happy boy.


Mateo has a variety of interests. He watches numerous shows, including Super Wings and Fireman Sam—he even wants to be a fireman when he grows up! He listens to all types of music, but his favorite performer is Mandisa. He attends school and likes learning about the different planets. Mateo enjoys playing ball with his brother, too. Mateo has a wonderful personality. He is very inquisitive about people and the world around him. Mateo is such a happy child that he can smile even while being sick. He certainly never gives up on his joyfulness or goals. Mateo is the gift that keeps on giving, and what he gives us all is inspiration.


Mateo received an arm lift from Harmar to help him get in and out of his car safely. Transportation will now be much easier for his family. Special thanks to the Wawa foundation for being his generous sponsor!