Meet Matthew!



Meet three-year-old Matthew. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia and has endured numerous surgeries. He has poor balance and necessarily uses a walker for mobility. He is a cheerful boy and moves ahead despite his obstacles.


Matthew has a number of great interests. He watches the educational YouTube show Mrs. Rachel. Matthew enjoys simple sensory activities such as fingerpainting or blowing bubbles in the water. He especially adores bonding with his grandma by taking strolls or playing on swings. They truly have a grand time! His best buddy, however, is his mom. Matthew does everything he can to make her happy when she is having a difficult day. This might involve a heart full of cuddles. His magical ability to empathize and comfort always cheers up his mom. Matthew is aptly named. He defines a gift from God. Matthew never stops giving, and it begins with his heart and ends with a smile.


Matthew needed a bath chair to make transferring in and out of the tub easier and safer. With the Help of a Grant through Clay Electric, we were able to help Matthew obtain his bath chair!