Meet 11-year-old Mattison. She was diagnosed in utero with numerous difficult illnesses, including a chromosomal disorder known as Trisomy 9 and a neurological condition called Dandy walker syndrome. She was not expected to survive her birth, but this little girl proved doctors wrong despite several hardships. Mattison is nonverbal, legally blind, and hearing impaired. She is confined to a wheelchair. Mattison remains a remarkably cheerful girl.


Mattison has several interests. Her favorite show is a YouTube series titled Storytime with Awnie. She dances to 70’s disco and Motown music. Mattison enjoys taking strolls through nature, especially at the Wild Florida zoo. Most importantly, Mattison is courageous and joyful. She never allows trials to remove the smile from her face. Meet Mattison and believe in miracles.


Mattison needs a suspension walker to improve her independent mobility while also increasing her leg strength. Please be her sponsor!