Meet Max!



Meet six-year-old Max. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He just started walking but falls often and frequently needs stitches. He uses a walker at school to be independent. Max is a great kid despite his limits.


Max has several interests. He listens to fun electronic music. He is a fan of Disney movies. Max loves to read, and one of his favorite places is the library. He also likes being outdoors and he enjoys visiting botanical gardens. Max’s best subject at school is math. He has more interests, but the best part of this little boy is his big personality.  Max is known as The Mayor because he always smiles and greets people. He is everyone’s ball of sunshine. He is determined to make friends and accomplish goals, small or big. Meet Max. He has a Maximum heart!


Max needed a Medical stroller for easier and safer transportation. Thanks to a grant through Freeburg we were able to help Max obtain the Medical Stroller he needed!