Meet Mikayla!



Meet six-year-old Mikayla. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She bravely endured seizures, pneumonia, and hip surgeries. She uses a wheelchair and can stand with a stander. She requires help with everyday tasks. Mikayla is upbeat despite her many limitations.


Mikayla has various interests. Her favorite movies include The Little Mermaid and The Greatest Showman. She listens to Disney songs and Christian music. She loves watching her brothers play various sports. She is even an honorary cheerleader on her brother’s football team. Mikayla also has fun playing board games with her brothers as well. She likes being active by going camping or getting involved with her church. Mikayla is always happy, especially when she is the center of attention. This is perfect because her beautiful smile is a heartwarming beacon of joy. The name Mikayla means beloved of God. Mikayla is also loved by everyone she meets.


Mikayla needs a Hi-Lo seating system for her wheelchair. This will allow her chair to elevate and make it easier to participate in certain activities. Please be her sponsor!